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Governing Body


Drake and Morice Town Primary Academies Local Governing Body

In February 2019 , the local governing bodies of Morice Town and Drake Primary schools decided to merge into a single governing body. They saw this as a positive move and a way of building on the partnerships being developed between the schools. This will provide an opportunity for the strengths of each governing body to come together for the benefit of all the pupils. We have ceased the notion of committees and adopted a timetable of full governor meetings 3 times a year where each governor can contribute to all areas of governance.

Chair of Governor Statement

Welcome from Drake and Morice Town Governing Body. We work with the schools to ensure that they provide the best for your child, both academically and pastorally. We meet regularly to provide an independent oversight of the school and how it is run. The school is required to report to us on things such as, management and planning as well as results and we act as ‘critical friends’ and a sounding board. We help to set the budget, analyse SAT’s data and provide an independent panel in issues relating to staffing or pupil exclusions.

We are made up of members of the school staff, parents and independent people, who all bring different skills and knowledge to the board. All the governors are volunteers and do not receive any payment for their role. We all serve for 4 years when we can be re-elected. Although this is a voluntary, part time role all governors strive to show commitment and the passion for the schools that is required in the role.

  • Chair: Andrea Roe
  • Vice-Chair: Leanne Lawman
  • Executive Headteacher: Joe Roberts
Category Number of governors Name

Executive Headteacher


Joe Roberts

Reach South Trust


 Hayley Evans, Andrea Roe and Captain Andy Toby



 Leanne Lawman and Amanda Williams



Pauline Donnellon and Debbie Nunn

Clerk to Governors: Mrs. L. Johnson

The Chair of the Local Governing Body can be contacted via the schools offices or by email: [email protected] If you require a copy of any of the meeting minutes please contact the clerk to the governors, Mrs. L. Johnson. 

What we do:

Drake and Morice Town governors provide support and advice to the Senior Leadership Teams as well as monitoring the school's achievements and challenging decisions.

We provide:
  • Overview and scrutiny of the management of the academies;
  • Policy development for the academies where this has been delegated to us from the Trust; scrutiny of policy compliance by the academies where policy is set by the Trustees;
  • Championship of the academies and its leaders;
  • Engagement with the parents of pupils and the wider community.
We do this by:
  • Holding termly meetings to discuss the schools, their achievements and areas of need, the policies and
  • Visiting the schools and observing lessons and the schools in action.
  • Talking to the pupils, parents, and staff to find out their views.
  • Attending training to extend our skills and knowledge.

Who are your governors?

Hayley Evans

Trust Governor

  • Term: 11.02.19 - 11.02.27 (Second Term): 
  • Responsibility: Quality of Education, Early Years and Finance.
  • Attendance 2023-24: 2/2
  • Registered Interests: Trustee of Peter Pan Playgroup

I have been volunteering as a governor at Drake since 2011. I originally volunteered as I wanted to be able to be involved in my child’s education and offer something back. I now have 3 children; 1 a previous pupil, 1 in Year 6 and Year 1.

Pauline Donnellon

Staff Governor

  • Term: 13.05.19 - 09.03.27 (Second Term)
  • Responsibility: Staff Governor
  • Attendance 2023-24: 2/2
  • Registered Interests: None

Mrs Leanne Lawman

Vice-Chair  and Parent Governor

  • Term: 01.03.22 - 28.02.26
  • Responsibility: Quality of Education and SEND & Inclusion
  • Attendance 2023-24: 2/2
  • Registered Interests: None

I have two children, in Years 3 and 4. I wanted to become a governor to be part of my children’s education and to help the school to continue to develop and improve. I wanted to give back to the school who has supported us as a family over the years. I have a unique perspective on special education needs and I have experience working with children and vulnerable adults as a water sports instructor, football coach, as a mentor for European students, a mentor at Brainwaves, in healthcare and taking part in medical research with different universities across the country. I am currently studying at university.

I hope all the skills and experience I have gained over the years and new skills and knowledge along the way will help contribute towards the school as a whole.

Debbie Nunn

Staff Governor

Term: 10.10.22 - 09.10.26
Responsibility: Whole Schools
Attendance 2023-24: 2/2
Registered Interests: Spouse is an employee at Morice Town/Drake and owner of Devon Celtic Combat.

Joe Roberts

Executive Headteacher

  • Term: 01.01.18 -
  • Responsibility: Whole schools
  • Attendance 2023-24: 1/1
  • Registered Interests: Spouse is an employee at Stoke Damerel Primary

I have been teaching for nearly 30 years in six different Plymouth primary schools. I was appointed headteacher of Drake Primary in 2010 and the executive Headteacher of both Drake and Morice Town in 2018. I consider it a huge privilege to work with the pupils, staff, families and communities of both schools.

Andrea Roe

Chair - Trust Appointed Governor

  • Term: 15.12.21 - 14.12.25
  • Responsibility: Safeguarding Governor, Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Finance, Statutory Grants and Equalities
  • Attendance 2023-24: 2/2
  • Registered Interests: Spouse is an employee of the Trust

I took up the role of parent Governor in January 2017 but have had experience with governance groups within the work place. My daughter started with the reception intake in 2020 but had previously been part of the nursery. I saw how much passion and dedication was shown by the staff towards the children. It was this introduction to the school which made me want to help make Morice Town a great school. I firmly believe that the right environment and support can build a life-long passion for learning. I am pleased to be able to continue my governor role for the school in a Trust Appointed Governor capacity.

After finishing my degree at Plymouth, I spent 16 years in the mobile telecommunications industry in a management role as well as in an employee relations role. I am currently employed by a charity as a debt advice coordinator. Whilst my background isn't education it is management planning, and also finance.

Miss Amanda Williams

Parent Governor

  • Term: 23.11.20 - 22.11.24
  • Responsibility: Quality of Education and Personal Development
  • Attendance 2023-24:2/2
  • Registered Interests: None

I have one child attending Drake Primary who started school in September 2020. I have always enjoyed learning and continue to do so, even as an adult. I believe that my love of learning stems from the support and encouragement I received at my primary school over 40 years ago! I aim to do what I can, to ensure that all the children whose education we are privileged to be part of, enjoy their primary school days. Providing a safe and happy environment for children to learn in, is crucial and will encourage them to reach their potential in all areas of their lives. As a parent governor I take my responsibility very seriously.

Capt Andy Toby

Trust Appointed Governor

  • Term: 12.10.23 - 11.10.27
  • Responsibility: Leadership and Management
  • Attendance 2023-24: 1/2
  • Registered Interests: None

As well as being a parent to a child that attended Drake Primary Academy, I am also a Salvation Army Officer (Minister) based in the community of Morice Town, to where I was appointed in 2019.  I have been an Officer since 2012 and before coming to Plymouth I served in Camborne and Torquay. 


I believe that every child has the right to an education that will help them reach their full potential.  We as parents, carers and those in a position of responsibility should be passionate and fully dedicated to ensuring that the very best opportunities are made available to our children.


My hope is that I am able to integrate into an existing school governor team and make a positive difference and that the lives of the children who we represent will be transformed and enhanced beyond any expectations.

Governors who have left the Local Governing Board over the past 12 months:

Kelly George: 13.05.19 - 09.03.23 (Parent Governor)

Capt Andy Toby: 01.09.21 - 31.08.25 (Parent Governor)

Janie Carr 11.02.19 - 31.08.2023 (Chair and Trust Appointed Governor)


 To find out more about Reach South Academy Trust governance, click on the following link:

Drake & Morice Town Local Governing Body meeting dates 2023-24

Thursday 12 October 2023

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Tuesday 2 July 2024

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