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At Drake Primary Academy, we teach history using a curriculum based around children understanding where they are in the world, who they are and why. This curriculum has been constructed using the National Curriculum objectives and the EYFS Development Matters.  

Intent (What do we want the children to learn and why? What knowledge and skills are taught?):

By the time children leave Drake Primary Academy, they will know who they are and where they are in the world. Children learn in chronological order with the youngest children learning the history closest to them i.e. immediate family and area; through to Ancient Egyptians in Year 6 (see topic overview).

Implementation (How are we doing it? How are the pupils going to achieve the acquisition of knowledge? How does the curriculum delivery this?)

The children are taught through an interactive, thematic approach which changes on a termly basis. Knowledge organisers are used to detail knowledge and key information taught in each year group. Units are assessed through a “BIG question” which is used at the start and end of the topic. This helps teachers to plan appropriately and shows clear progress at the end of a unit. Exit tickets are used to demonstrate knowledge acquired during each lesson and quizzes are used at the start of a lesson to recap knowledge previously taught.


In the EYFS we focus on the area ‘Understanding the World’ from the EYFS seven areas of development. Children talk about their immediate family and their history as well as the area of Drake. This includes household items that mums and dads may have used and items they see now as well toys and presents they may receive. We briefly look into the history of Plymouth in our topic of pirates. We read traditional tales, gaining an understanding of why they are ‘traditional’, and study fantasy and fiction in our topic surrounding dinosaurs, dragons, princesses, witches and wizards.

Special Educational Needs (SEND) pupils: 

Lessons are adapted to enable all pupils to access their learning, including pupils with SEND. Knowledge organisers are also adapted to enable SEN pupils to access the key information for each unit.

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