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Modern Foreign Language


French is the language taught in KS2, years 3-6 at our academies. We believe that learning foreign languages provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience to encourage pupils’ vision and awareness of the world and to support them in becoming responsible and informed global citizens.

Intent(What do we want the children to learn and why? What knowledge and skills are taught?)

The teaching of a foreign language at Key Stage 2 offers opportunities for our pupils to:

  • Develop positive attitudes towards speakers of other languages and towards language learning;
  • Become increasingly familiar with the sounds, structures and written forms of another language;
  • Increase their cultural awareness by learning about different countries and their people;
  • Use their knowledge and growing confidence and competence to understand and communicate in a new language;
  • Appreciate that language has structure, and that the structure differs from one language to another;
  • Develop generic language-learning skills and provide a strong foundation for further language learning.
Implementation (How are we doing it? How are the pupils going to achieve the acquisition of knowledge? How does the curriculum delivery this?)

Pupils in Key Stage 2 are taught French by the class teacher or HLTA for 20-30 mins per week.  Each year, three units are taught one per term. The units are designed to be revisited every 2 years to consolidate the children's knowledge before moving onto further knowledge acquisition. The units cover topics whose vocabulary can be easily inserted into everyday situations, e.g. school, food, preferences and instructions. Regular revision will support the development of the long-term memory of French vocabulary. The Twinkl language scheme is based on the requirements of the 2014 Primary National Curriculum. The lessons contain planning, assessment materials and teaching aids at differentiated levels to support all learners.


Children in EYFS are not required to learn a modern foreign language

Special Educational Needs (SEND) pupils: 

Lessons are adapted to enable all pupils to access their learning, including pupils with SEND.

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