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Physical Education


At Drake Primary Academy, we are implementing the REAL PE (we are a REAL PE School) programme of study that gives children the knowledge and understanding to become competent, confident and motivated in PE for the rest of their life. The REAL PE programme is planned progressively to allow children to build on and develop previously learnt skills enhancing these further.  The children will develop their Fundamental movement skills using the six cogs that we follow in the REAL PE programme. The cogs are:

  • Personal
  • Social
  • Cognitive
  • Creative
  • Physical
  • Health and Fitness
Intent(What do we want the children to learn and why? What knowledge and skills are taught?)

We will deliver two hours of high-quality PE a week, with a focus on developing Fundamental Movement Skills so our children become competent, confident and motivated in a range of physical activities. All children are encouraged to partake in healthy competition and opportunities for personal challenge development are given. Physical Development opportunities in Early Years also make positive contributions to children’s development.

‘All children will experience two hours of high-quality PE in a safe and supportive environment to increase their self-confidence.’

Implementation (How are we doing it? How are the pupils going to achieve the acquisition of knowledge? How does the curriculum deliver this?)

We will deliver two hours of high-quality PE by using a combination of REAL PE, REAL Dance and REAL Gym with a focus on fundamental movement skills. This will include a balance of healthy competition and personal development/healthy active life. Activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect. We enable the children to make informed choices about physical activity and healthy lifestyles throughout their lives.  Additionally, children will be encouraged to evaluate their own knowledge, understanding and skills, and suggest ways they can improve.  All children have opportunities to attend PE events throughout the year and represent Drake Primary Academy at PE competitions. Inclusive events are run through Plymouth School Sports. Drake Primary Academy believe that nothing should be a barrier to physical education with everything having the capacity to be adapted.  Specialist Teachers work with staff at Marine Academy Primary to provide CPD opportunities and ensure teaching is high quality and of value.  There are frequent times during the week when children are physically active including, break times and lunchtimes and after school clubs.


Children are naturally physically active and in our EYFS classes, the children continually develop their fundamental movement skills through both their independent learning and weekly taught PE sessions. Carefully planned independent physical challenges, for example, using bikes, skipping ropes and obstacle courses help children to develop skills such as balancing and jumping. The outdoor learning environment provides an excellent space for children to practice these skills so that as they move onto the next phase of their schooling, they are prepared to master them. 

Special Educational Needs (SEND) pupils: 

Lessons are adapted to enable all pupils to access their learning, including pupils with SEND.  Should children be unable to participate in physical activity, they attend and contribute to lessons.

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